Get Email Reminders About Your Upcoming Trade Show Tasks

To help stay on top of your tasks and get everything done on time, we’ve added email reminders for upcoming tasks in ExhibitDay. You can get reminders for your tasks 1, 2 or 3 days prior to their due dates.

How to Configure Your Trade Show Task Email Reminders

To configure your task reminder preferences, click on the top menu, then click [My Profile & Preferences]. From the [Email Preferences] tab, select [Update My Task Management Email Notification Preferences].

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ExhibitDay – Official Launch

Today, ExhibitDay’s Beta program ended and officially launched as a trade show management and collaboration tool for trade show managers, exhibitors and event teams.

Press Release:

Download the full Press Release (.docx)

In the upcoming months, we plan to focus efforts on developing new features and increasing integrations with third-party tools.

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Annual Budgets and ROI Calculations for Your Trade Shows in Spreadsheet Format

You can now Export the Annual Budgets, Analytics and ROI Metrics for your trade shows to Excel (.xlsx spreadsheet format).

How To Export Budgets and ROI Metrics to Spreadsheet

Click on the Annual Budgets (all events) link in your ExhibitDay Workspace. Then, click the [Export to Excel] button under the [Allocation Breakdown] and [Analytics & ROI Breakdown] tabs to export to .xlsx format.

Example Spreadsheet Exports

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Maximizing Trade Show Value: How to Get the Most Bang for Your Buck

If you’ve decided to invest money into your very own booth at an upcoming trade show, chances are, you’re wondering how you can maximize the value of this event. Trade shows aren’t exactly cheap, which is why you’re probably feeling pressure to meet as many existing customers, find as many new leads, and meet as many business objectives.

Well, luckily, there is plenty of prep work you can embark on now to guarantee maximum value if you’re doing a trade show on a budget.

Here’s how:

1. Send Out Emails

There’s no harm in drumming up a little excitement! Send out an email to all customers within the proximity of the event, letting them know about your booth. Try and secure them complimentary tickets if available through the organizer. Many times, the event organizers will help you any way possible to make your event a success.

2. Schedule Appointments

Make it known on social media and through other channels that you are accepting appointments during the trade show. Contact your top accounts and promise them an exclusive demonstration of your product or service at the event. Everyone likes to feel special.

3. Host VIP Events

Consider hosting a happy hour or some kind of cocktail meeting after the exhibit hours to show some of your key customers how special they really are to you.

4. Go the Extra Mile

Did you know many of the convention centers have conference rooms where you can further explain and demonstrate products to potential clients? This is a great way to go above and beyond, really taking time to go deep with your product for the right potential buyer.

5. Say Yes to Extra Marketing

Event organizers want to find ways to drum up excitement for their event as well. Volunteer to take part in any workshops, discussions, and seminars that take place before, during, and after the exhibit hall hours. This is a free way to get exposure through their network.

6. Extend Your Stay

If you think you have made some invaluable connections for the future trajectory of your business, then do not hesitate to extend your stay and really nurture the lead. It will show them you are a serious contender and determined to make it work. Additionally, if a potential client reaches out to you before the trade show, consider arriving a few days early to close the deal before the show even begins!

Every business could stand to cut down on unnecessary costs in a given fiscal year, which is why the 6 tips above can help maximize the value of your next trade show.