The Activity Feed

We are excited to announce the release of the Activity Feed module in ExhibitDay.

You can now view recent activity in your ExhibitDay Workspace using the new Activity Feed page.

User Activity Feed

You can Like or Comment on any activity in your feed. By default, when you comment on an activity, the Activity Principal (person who initiated the activity) gets an email notification about your comment; they can then, in return, respond to your comment on the activity. Other users who Liked or Commented on the same activity will receive an email notification as well.

Privacy / Access Control

Like all other data in your ExhibitDay Workspace, the Activity Feed is not publicly available (it is only available to users in your ExhibitDay Workspace).

Restricting Content on the Activity Feed

The content on the Activity Feed can be restricted for a given user to include only the activity for that user. This restriction can be enabled under: Workspace Settings > Users & Permissions.

Activity Feed Content Restriction

Disabling the Activity Feed

If you wish to disable the Activity Feed for your Workspace all-together, it can be done under your Workspace Settings.

Disable User Activity Feed

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