Custom Asset Fields

Under the ExhibitDay Enterprise plan, you can customize the properties of Capital Assets (like your booth or displays) and Collateral/Multi-quantity Items (like giveaways and swag) by adding Custom Asset Fields. These custom fields can be used to capture relevant data that best support your organization’s inventory management processes.

To add custom fields to the Asset information tab, go to Workspace Settings > Workspace Customizations > Customize Asset Info tab. There, you can add any number of custom fields (e.g. text field, date field, dropdown, file attachment, etc.) to your assets in ExhibitDay. You can also change the order in which the fields appear when you view the Asset Info tab (by grab-and-dragging the handle to right of each field) . Note: any change you make on this page will automatically apply to all of the assets in your ExhibitDay workspace.

Add a custom field to assets

Copy/Duplicate Assets

To reduce data entry when creating assets in ExhibitDay, instead of creating an asset from scratch, you can create a duplicate copy of an existing asset that is most similar to the asset you’re looking to create. To make a copy of an existing asset, go to the asset page and choose the “Copy/Duplicate Asset” option from the extended menu of the asset page tab strip.

Under the Copy/Duplicate tab, you’ll be able to choose the Name of the new asset, and you can select various options for creating the copy. Once you’re done making your selections, click the “Create Copy” button; the system will create a copy of the asset for you based on the options you selected and you’ll be taken to the newly created asset page.

Copy / Duplicate Assets

Btw, did you know that you can bulk upload your assets into ExhibitDay from a spreadsheet? For more info, please refer to this article.

Copying Asset Reservations From Other Events

To save some data entry time, you can copy asset reservations from another event that has similar assets reserved. Use the extended menu of the “Reserve an Asset for this Event” button on the event “Asset Reservation” tab in order to start the copy process.

Copy Assets From Another Event

Once the copy dialog appears, select the event you would like to copy asset reservations from. Then, select each asset reservation you would like to copy over and enter the reservation details. When you’re done making your selections, click the “Submit” button at the bottom of the dialog to complete the copy process.

Import Assets From Another Event Dialog

Note: the ability to copy asset reservations from another event is only available if you are on the Premium or the Enterprise plan.

Filter Travel Reservations by Traveler

You can filter the event Travel Reservations tab by anyone who is tagged in your travel reservations. Use the filter button at the top-right corner of the event Travel Reservations tab to filter your list of reservations by traveler.

Filter Trade Show Travel Reservations by Traveler

Assets Page View Preferences

You can specify your view preferences for the main Assets page (where you see a list of all your assets in ExhibitDay). To change your view preferences, click the View Preferences button (toward the upper-right corner of the page). There, you can specify which properties of Assets you would like to have displayed on the main Assets page.

Please note that Assets Page View Preferences are user-specific. Changing your View Preferences does not affect the View Preferences of other users in your ExhibitDay workspace.

Assets List View Preferences