Event Attendee Roles

You can now specify a Role for each Attendee of an Event in ExhibitDay.

Assigning Roles to Event Attendees

To assign a Role to an event attendee (under the event [Staff] tab), click on the edit drop-down next to the attendee; then, select the “Specify Role” option.

Event Attendee Role

Default Attendee Roles for Users and Resources

A Default Event Attendee Role can be specified for each user/resource in your ExhibitDay Workspace (under Workspace Settings > Users & Permissions). If a user/resource has a Default Event Attendee Role specified, they will automatically be tagged as that role the next time they are added as an Attendee of an Event (under the Event [Staff] tab).

Default Event Attendee  Role

Adding Custom Event Attendee Roles

If there are additional roles that you would like to include in your ExhibitDay Workspace, you can add your own custom roles (under Workspace Settings > Customize Event Fields > Customize Event Attendee Roles).

Custom Event Attendee Roles for Trade Shows and Exhibitions

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