Enabling Event IDs in your ExhibitDay Workspace

The Event Id (EID) is an auto-generated, 8-digit unique number for each event in your ExhibitDay workspace. By default, event IDs are not displayed in ExhibitDay — they are just kept in our backend systems while the front-end ExhibitDay magic strives to maintain a simple, clutter-free, user experience. However, in certain cases, there might be a need for you to see these Event IDs (i.e. reference them in other bookkeeping systems, etc.). If you want to make Event IDs visible in ExhibitDay, you can do so by enabling them under Workspace Settings > Display Event IDs.

Once you enable Display of Event IDs, you’ll see the Event ID listed next to each event in the main Events page; you’ll also see the Event ID on the individual event pages.

Enable Event ID

Pro-tip: in the Event Search window you can search for events by their 8-digit Event Id (EID).

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