Keeping Track of Your Giveaways at Events

You can track your giveaways (like swag and raffle items) at tradeshows by adding them under the event “Giveaways” tab.

Calculating the Cost of Giveaways Based on Asset Costs

When creating a Capital Asset or a Collateral/Multi-quantity item (in the “Manage Assets” area), you have the option of specifying the base cost for the Asset. Once an asset is reserved for an event (under the event Asset Reservations tab), that reservation can then be tagged in your Giveaways.

For example, if you have an Asset called “Company Logo Pen” with a cost of $1.00 per pen, and you reserve 500 of them for an event (via the Asset Reservations tab), you can then create a Giveaway (under the Giveaways tab) and tag that reservation in the giveaway. Once an asset reservation is tagged in a giveaway, the cost of the asset is displayed and you can use that cost to enter the cost for the giveaway.

Cost of a giveaway

Setting a Budget for Giveaways

You can enter your planned budget for giveaways at an event under the “Giveaways” section of the event “Budget” tab.

Budget for Giveaways at trade shows