Event Playbook: Changing the Number of Days Prior to the Event Start Date and After the Event End Date

The Event Playbook can be used to create a schedule of various sessions and activities throughout the event (e.g., conference tracks, booth duty, meetings with clients, speaker sessions, demos, technical talks, etc.).

Event Playbook

Changing the Numbers of Days in the ‘Prep’ and ‘Afterward’ Sections

The Event Playbook date range spans across a number of days prior-to and after the event (as shown under the ‘Prep’ and ‘Afterward’ sections of the Playbook tab) — this provides the ability to create schedules for activities that typically take place outside the date range of the event itself (e.g., welcome social, networking sessions, after-party, etc.); such activities tend to be scheduled a day-or-so prior to the start of the event, or, a day-or-so after the event ends. Therefore, the recommended date range setting for the Playbook is no more than 3 days prior to the event start date, and no more than 3 days after the event end date.

In order to change the Playbook’s number of days prior-to and number of days after the event, use the Event Layout Settings tab (accessible under the extended menu of the event tab strip).

Change Playbook Date Range

Pro-tip:  Entries in the Event Playbook can be synced with third-party calendars (like Google Calendar, and Outlook). For more information about syncing ExhibitDay with your calendar system, please see this blog post.