Actual Costs for Events

Actual costs for a given event can be viewed under the “Actual Costs” section of the Event “Budget” tab.

Actual Costs for a given event are automatically complied based on the following:

  • Booth reservation cost (as entered under the “Booth” tab)
  • Booth service costs (as entered under the Booth Services section of the event “Booth” tab)
  • Attendee registration/ticket costs (as entered under the event “Staff” tab)
  • Travel reservation costs (as entered under the event “Travel Reservations” tab)
  • Shipment costs (as entered under the event “Shipments” tab)
  • Miscellaneous expense/credit costs/amounts (as entered under the event “Misc. Expenses & Credits” tab)
  • Sponsorship costs (as entered under the “Sponsorships” tab)
Actual Costs for an Event

Actual Costs for all Events in a Given Year

Actual costs for all events in a given year can be viewed and downloaded under the “Actual Costs Details” section of the “Annual Budgets (all events)” page.

Annual Event Actual Costs