Attachment Categories and Downloading All File Attachments for your Events

The file attachments for events just got two new enhancements: Attachment Categories, and the ability to download all attachments at once.

  1. Attachment Categories – Attachments (under the Event [Attachments] tab) are now organized into their corresponding categories.
  2. Download All – You can now download all the attachments for your events at once (in .zip format).

Attachment Categories

File attachments for each event are organized into the following categories:

  • General Attachments – General file attachments that are uploaded directly from each Event’s attachment tab.
  • Event Info Attachments – Attachments from fields under the Event [Info] tab (like Exhibitor Prospectus, Exhibit Hall Floor Plan, etc.)
  • Booth/Booth Service Attachments – i.e. Booth invoices.
  • Travel Attachments – i.e. Hotel/Flight invoices.
  • Shipment Attachments i.e. invoices for Shipments.
  • Sponsorship Attachments – i.e. invoices for Sponsorships.
  • Other/Misc. Expenses Attachments – i.e. invoices for mischievous expenses.
Event File Attachments

Download All File Attachments

Downloading All Attachments for a Given Event:

To download all the attachments for a given event, click on the [Download All] button (under the [Attachments] tab of the event).

Downloading All Attachments for All Events:

To download all file attachments for all your events, go to “Workspace Settings” from the top menu, and click “Export Workspace Data” from the extended menu on the Workspace Settings page; then, click the “Export All Attachments” link.

The ability to attach files is included in the ExhibitDay Professional and Premium plan.

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