Trade Show Engagement Analytics and ROI

Just Released – new ExhibitDay feature to measure Engagement and ROI for all your trade shows and Exhibits.

Event-Specific Engagement Analytics and ROI

Under the [Analytics & ROI] tab of each event in your ExhibitDay workspace, you can now specify the following metrics:

  • Number of leads captured.
  • Number of impressions (booth walk-bys, sponsorship, traditional/social media.
  • Number of meetings (with new and existing customers).
  • Revenue attributable to the event (actual and forecast).

Based on these metrics and the cost of your event, ExhibitDay automatically calculates the following for you:

  • Average Cost per Lead.
  • Average Cost per Impression.
  • Customer Meeting Metrics.
  • Total Gross ROI.
  • Total Gross Realized ROI.

Engagement Analytics and ROI Across all Events

You can also view and compare Engagement Analytics and ROI across all your events for a given year under the [Annual Budgets] link.

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