Searching for Your Events + Other ExhibitDay Updates

Based on user feedback, the following enhancements have been made in ExhibitDay.

Search for Events + Recently Viewed

The new Search button (top-right of the menu bar) will pop open a search dialog that allows you to search for your events by name. In this new dialog, you’ll also notice a list of the last few events that you’ve viewed in your ExhibitDay workspace.

Find Trade Shows and Exhibits

Regular (non-cursive) Font for your Notes Fields

If you’d rather not use the default cursive font in the Notes fields (under the Info, Booth, Budget, and ROI tabs), you can now go to your Workspace Settings and disable that option.

Event Notes Regular Font

Multi-line Custom Fields

ExhibitDay’s Custom Fields have been enhanced to allow for multi-line text.
In order to enable multi-line mode for a Custom Field: go to Workspace Settings > Customize Event Fields. Then, click the pencil icon for the Custom Field you’d like to edit and change it to “Multi-line text field”.

Multi-line Custom Fields

[All] Button for the Event [Playbook] Tab

You can now view the full Event Playbook (prep schedule, event schedule, and the schedule afterward) — all at once. Click the new [All] button under the Playbook tab of any Event to see the full Playbook.

Event Playbook All Days Button

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