Rich Text Editor for Event Fields

Rich text editing is now available for the following fields in ExhibitDay:

Event Notes, Booth Notes, Multi-line Custom Fields, Booth Service Notes, Travel Reservation Notes, Shipment Notes, Sponsorship Notes, Misc/Other Expense Notes, Budget/ROI Notes, Playbook Item Details, Task Details, Asset Descriptions, and Asset Pull Notes.

The new rich text editor provides the ability to add hyperlinks, boldface font, underline, italics, supper/sub-script, and bullet lists.

WYSIWYG Rich Text Editor Event Notes

A Few More ExhibitDay Enhancements

We recently made the following Enhancements to ExhibitDay:

Travel Reservation File Attachments

In addition to the reservation invoice, you can now attach any number of files (e.g. itinerary, boarding pass, etc.) to a travel reservation.

Trade Show Trade Reservation Attachment

Rearranging Travel Reservations

Similar to how ExhibitDay tasks can be rearranged on the task board, you can now re-arrange travel reservations (under the Event [Travel] tab). Use the move-arrows (at the top-right corner) to drag-and-drop reservations into any display order you prefer to see them in.

Rearrange Travel Reservations

Note: the functionality for Re-arranging travel reservations is not available on mobile browsers (only available on desktop).

Tracking Connections/Layover Information for flights

We have added new text fields to Flight Reservations in order to track connection information for flights with layovers.

Flight Layover Connection Information

Shipment File Attachments

In addition to the shipment invoice, you can now attach any number of files (e.g. proof of shipment/delivery, etc.) under the Event [Shipments] tab.

Shipment File Attachment
Shipment File Attachment

“Attach-able” Custom Fields (file upload control)

When you customize the [Info] and the [Booth] tabs for your events, in addition to the standard text fields, you now have the option to add a file upload control as a custom field. The custom file upload control field allows you to attach documents like your “Insurance Contract Document” or “Lead Retrieval File” to your Events.

Custom File Upload Control

Once you’ve added a custom File Attachment field to your ExhibitDay Workspace, it will automatically show up in your events as file upload control. You can use the file upload control to attach documents under the Info/Booth tabs.

Attach files to your Trade Shows and Exhibits

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