Trade Show Asset Management

We’re excited to announce the [Beta] release of ExhibitDay’s Asset Management Module.

You can now track and manage your Capital Assets (like your booth and displays) as well as Collateral (like swag and marketing material) in ExhibitDay.

Reserving Assets for Your Trade Shows

You can reserve assets for your trade shows under each Event’s [Assets] tab.

Asset Management Access Control

Like all other ExhibitDay modules, access to Managing Assets and Making Reservations for Events can be controlled in the team workspace > user management area.

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Import Your Trade Show and Exhibit Schedules into Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, and Outlook

Based on popular demand, we just released the ability to sync your Events and Tasks in ExhibitDay with external Calendars (Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, Outlook, and other iCal Calendars).

From the top-right navigation menu select “Sync to External Calendar…” Then, copy your Sync URL for your Calendar and follow the instructions to configure the sync.

ExhibitDay Screenshot - Sync Trade Show Schedule with Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, and Outlook

Calendar Sync Preferences

Under the Sync Preferences tab, you can specify which Events and which Tasks you’d like to have synced with your external calendar.

ExhibitDay Screenshot - External Calendar Sync Preferences

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Track Your Trade Show Annual Budget Based on Fiscal Year

Just launched — new ExhibitDay feature to track annual costs and budgets for your trade shows and sponsorships based on your Organization’s Fiscal Year in.

Setting up your Fiscal Year

You can now define your organization’s Fiscal Year under your Workspace Settings in ExhibitDay. Once you switch your budgeting basis from Calendar Year to Fiscal Year, the date range for all your annual budgets in ExhibitDay will automatically adjust to the Fiscal Year start date you choose.

Trade Show Budgets based on Fiscal Year

When you use a Fiscal Year as your Budgeting basis, the date range for your Fiscal Year is displayed on the Annual Budgets page as well as the Event-Specific budget allocation tab in each event.

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